Taping over wires on carpet

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Do you have cords that run across your floor that could be a possible trip hazard? Are you thinking of using masking tape or worse yet duct tape to cover them? This is something I see pretty often and while it is a legitimate solution to the tripping hazard, you should be aware of another problem it could be creating for you down the road. When you move or simply move those wires and decide to pull that tape up it will leave a nasty, sticky residue. This residue is VERY difficult to remove even with powerful professional equipment and cleaning products. It’s almost impossible to remove with typical consumer cleaning products. In many cases even if it appears to be gone over the course of days or weeks you’ll see that long dark line across the room reappear. That is the stickiness of the tape continuing to attract dirt. There are a number of solutions to the cord problems that do not involve the residue issues, granted they will cost you a little more initially but in the long run it will be well worth it. I’m including a link to show some different options but you should be able to find similar products at your local home improvement store.

Floor cord covers

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