I just spilled a half gallon of paint on my new carpet!!

By · July 12, 2011 · Filed in Uncategorized

That is the frantic call I received today. This poor couple had not even finished unpacking from moving into their new home when the disaster happened. Thankfully they didn’t listen to the first carpet cleaning company they called who said they would come out the next day to take a look at it. This couple rightly knew that time was of the essence and their quick action likely saved them from an expensive carpet repair.

The first thing to do if this happens to you is use warm water and rags (even better a shop vac) to soak up as much of the excess paint out of the carpet as possible. The next step (and this is crucial) is to cover the paint spill with damp, dare I say wet towels. The goal here is to keep the paint from drying before you can get the professional carpet cleaner out to completely remove the stain. If the paint does dry the most cost effective solution is usually going to be to patch the carpet with some left over remnants if available. The next step is to call your trusted professional carpet cleaning company. Depending on a few factors (age of carpet, type and color of paint, etc) if all goes well the carpet cleaner will be able to use the very hot water from his truckmount and a mild detergent to remove the vast majority of the paint. In many cases there will be small amounts (usually the outline of the spill) that will need treatment with a special solvent to get the remaining color. It’s very important to use the solvent as sparingly as possible because over use can cause carpet delamination and give you a nasty ripple where the spill occurred.

After all is said and done in most cases there should be little evidence that a spill ever occurred.