Carpet Fresh – Blessing or curse?

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A powder that you can sprinkle on your carpet and make it smell fresh again, covering up or eliminating all those unpleasant odors from pets, spills and any thing else that gets tracked in or dumped on your carpet, sounds like a blessing to me.

The biggest issue I see with these types of products is when they are not THOROUGHLY vacuumed after about five minutes on the carpet. The sad truth is that most people DO NOT get all of the powder removed by vacuuming. This can be attributed to either a vacuum that is not functioning properly or the homeowner simply vacuuming over the area too quickly.  Another effect of this fine powder is it tends to clog the filters on your vacuum very quickly, I have even had to clean mine out multiple times just vacuuming one house. You will want to make sure your vacuum is functioning at it’s peak efficiency. As the carpet fresh gets used over and over you get a build up of this powder in the base of your carpet, sometimes to the point where it is actually visible and can make your carpet stiff. As with any other fine particulate such as dust, it will end up affecting your indoor air quality. Often after cleaning, as the carpet dries, some of the powder will wick up to the surface causing it to look like it has snowed on your carpet.

The truth is Carpet Fresh, Love My Carpet, Arm & Hammer and any other powdered carpet deodorizer I may be forgetting can all be beneficial if, keyword here “if” they are used in moderation and are thoroughly vacuumed up after about five minutes. If you are having chronic odor problems call a professional carpet cleaner in to take a look. With a thorough inspection the source can be located and you can be given multiple options to reduce or possibly eliminate the odor for good.

Carpet Fresh

Vacuumed up carpet fresh.


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